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Top Features

Features Overview

Simple control

The program has a standard windows interface and has native simple control. All functions are accessible using the buttons or clickable links.

Multiple languages

You can set the language of the program in program setting. You can choose from English, German or Slovakian language.

Ready for latest OS

Natipuj is a program that requires any personal computer with Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and is installed on a hard disk.

Daily updated database

The database is daily updated, so it is ensured that the program offers the most accurate tips. Odds are updated continuously every hour.

Win It Big With Betting Software

The betting software is designed for those football fanatics who love to place bets when their favourite teams are playing. This software is developed through the unique combination using statistical and mathematical algorithms that can predict the right probability of win, loss and draw of any upcoming football match. Moreover, you can make use of the special features offered by this software such as tips for the day, value tips and tips for a week or results of the bet for few league matches ahead of their schedule. You can find access to over 100,000 scores of the European competitions in the database of this software. When you have any doubt regarding the present matches, take a look at the website of Betting software Natipuj, to know what matches are taking place right now. With updates on the database, you can be assured that this software can give you very reliable tips.

Tips for the week

You will find that the website of betting software Natipuj offers tip for the week as it shows the matches that are scheduled the entire week. The current week matches along with the high possible results starting from Tuesday to Monday and you can find results for a specific date that is placed at the head of the window. You can know the match analysis after you double click on the match you wish to know.

Tipping a league function

This function of betting software Natipuj offers matches from the league that you have chosen and gives you the details about the matches that are being held for the next few days. Based on the match analysis on a league match, you can place your bet on the ones with high probability of wins.

Value tips function

The value tips function of betting software Natipuj would offer you the odd differences and estimate percentage for each winning tip that is displayed at the website of Natipuj. The condition to include in the table has odds for a tip such as 1, 0, 2, 10, 02, 12. This means the odds of one match can be identified in the table for more than six times and each match is sorted with great kind of difference. When you find a positive difference, it means that the tipping probability is higher than the odds. The tip therefore, has good value in terms of probability. When you find a negative difference then the tip has no value and is not advisable to bet, as it is not profitable. Follow the due odds everyday that are updated on the website of Natipuj.

The description of tips

Usually these tips for the day, week and league would have 8 different columns such as date, league, home team, away team, tip, %, ODD and DIF. These columns would allow you to sort data in ascending or descending order. Once you are ready to place the bet, use the bet the game option in the right side of Betting software and enjoy a good winning by choosing a best team with great winning odds.


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